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KAN Be Healthy (KBH) updates


Beverly Steele RN,

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In November of 2007, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a revised "Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care" Periodicity Schedule.
These changes are a reflection of the ongoing efforts by KHPA working in conjunction with the AAP, the Kansas Chapter of the AAP, the KBH AdvisoryCommittee, and the Washburn University KBH RN Training Program. Additionally, Greta Hamm, KHPA KBH Program Manager, is working with Carolyn Bayless at the State level to update the State print material (MS - 2192, MS - 2191, MS - 2191S and all KBH related beneficiary brochures) to reflect these changes. A revised KBH Educational Manual will be available on the KMAP KBH Web page in the near future. The new educational manual includes a more streamlined approach and will reflect these most recent changes.

This includes:

* The KMAP General Benefits Provider Manual -

* The KBH Kansas Kids Educational Booklet -

* The KBH Billing Bulletin -

* The KBH Screening Form -

* The on-line KBH reminder card -

* The KAN Be Healthy Kids beneficiary printable handouts -